Our Team

Healthy Moms is led by Dr. Eric Green from Duke University in the USA. Many great colleagues have contributed to its development and implementation, including representatives from Jacaranda Health (Nick Pearson, Sathy Rajasekharan, Rachel Jones, Grace Kimenju, Lilian Muthoni, Antonia Mulinge), the Africa Mental Health Research and Training Foundation (Dr. Christine Musyimi; AMHRTF was formerly known as the Africa Mental Health Foundation), Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (Dr. Edith Kwobah), X2AI (Angie Joerin, Michiel Rauws), and Duke University (Chaya Bhat, Anna-Karin Hess, Lulla Kiwinda, Yihuan Lai, Dr. Eve Puffer).

Healthy Moms is based on the Thinking Healthy program developed by Dr. Atif Rahman and colleagues and published by the World Health Organization. We adapted this program to be delivered to women like you via SMS and Facebook Messenger using the Zuri software created by X2AI, a company based in San Francisco, California, USA. X2's mission is to provide affordable, quality mental health care, regardless of income or location. We think that's pretty neat. You can read X2's privacy policy and terms of use on their website.

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